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A week in Colombia – Friday

In return for Gönül’s freedom meal last night, our host graciously prepared lunch for us. The same thing happened for the same reason at the last place (as thanks, rather than as escaping from a bathroom, we don’t want anyone to think there’s a connection here). We are spreading the joy of cooking.

We have booked our accommodation in Quito, and we’ll be heading there next week for a few days before taking 30+ hours of bus down into Peru.

I took a couple of skype calls, delivered some online training, attended a webinar and then we went food shopping with our hosts. The supermarkets have such interesting fruits here. We bought something that looks just like a turnip but is apparently sweet; tiny squidgy bananas that are in fact concentrated passion fruit tasting things and also coconut flavoured yoghurt drink.

After that we bumped into one of our host’s sisters who took us down a side street to a small shop that sells only mousse based deserts, in a wide range of flavours. The five of us chose a different flavour each and swapped. Gönül and I both liked the passion fruit best. Next we visited her German boyfriend who is setting up an organic juice business and were able to test some pre-market products. Very refreshing. I was also able to help with their website, which they were trying to port from one URL to another.

Following a visit to a Rottweiler puppy we headed back for our evening meal, and Gönül showed the hosts how she combines herbs to get a special finish to her dishes.  It was 9:30pm by now and a cool breeze made it a perfect temperature for sitting next to the open patio window, dressed in shorts and t-shirt.

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