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A week in Colombia – Saturday

A week in Colombia – Saturday

By on Feb 25, 2016 in Blog |

A week in Colombia – Saturday

Up before 5am in readiness for a day out in Guatape.  It is raining – it is so green here that I knew it must rain at some point, and today is that point. Usually rain here lasts a maximum two hours, but not today!

We hailed a cab from the main street and all five of us crammed into one of the tiny one litre Chevrolets that comprise most of the fleet. We are taken to the bus terminal where a 12,000 (£2.50) ticket gets us a numbered seat on the two hour ride to Guatape. This town is famous for its rock and for the views from the top.

Guatape Rock

Once at Guatape we climbed a snaking road to the base of the rock. The top was swathed in cloud which didn’t auger well for those views!  We paid our 15,000 (£3) entrance fee to climb the 750 steps to the top and off we set. The inclement weather made for a relatively pleasant climb, and Yuliet’s smart idea to start early meant we were not held up by hoards of tourists.

Guatape Rock from lake 400 steps P1040695 P1040696Guatape Rock Top


Top Step!!







Fairly soon we reached the top where we all rewarded ourselves with ice-cream. The views were indeed obscured by cloud but you could still appreciate the beauty of the area.

P1040718 P1040723 P1040727

Having climbed back down we took tuk tuks into the town itself and had coffee and empanadas ( meat and potato balls). The town is very colourful, even the satellite dishes are coloured.

P1040737 P1040743 P1040746 P1040747 P1040749 P1040756

We took a private boat on the lake (90,000COP £18 between six people). It was an hour tour with a short stop to visit a museum that explained the history of the town. The original one was flooded to make a man-made lake, with the residents being relocated to nearby Penol.

Sunken Church P1040812 P1040818 P1040824 P1040825 P1040826

A quick lunch of chicken soup (no chicken!) and back on the bus to get back to Medellin around 5pm.  Despite the weather a really lovely day out, highly recommended.

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