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A week in Colombia – Tuesday

A week in Colombia – Tuesday

By on Feb 21, 2016 in Blog | 1 comment

A week in Colombia – Tuesday

Today we take the metro back to our previous apartment. The metro is all overground, is clean, in very good condition and costs 2150 COP (45p) per journey, regardless of length.  It is usually busy, but that is mitigated by the way people waiting at stations let the passengers off before they try to get on.  Refreshingly logical, not to mention polite, there are certain other cities could learn from this approach!


Gonul and Lichi


We are going back in order to collect keys from the new tenant, on behalf of the owner.  The tenant has a bulldog puppy who is made from solid energy. He is very excited to see us and ends up chasing Gönül around the flat. It is very funny.



Pool Sebastian Envigado 20160209_112057





Job done, I head for the pool. I love it because it is not full length and I can touch the bottom whenever necessary! I knock out 25 lengths and then settle in front of the TV for Champions League.



Afterwards we walk to nearby restaurants and settle on arepas (thick based tortillas). Gönül’s is topped with prawns in sauce and I have chicken and mushrooms. Both are very filling and only just leave room for one Nutella cheesecake slice. Along with the 3 drinks between us and a tip we are charged £11. It’s a bit more than we normally pay for a meal out for two but we’re happy.


Arepa Chicken and Mushroom







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