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Cashiers. Waiters/waitresses. Store staff. Tour guides. They welcome you, they want to help you, to inform you. I have travelled to many countries and without doubt this is something that America does very, very well. From mobile phone companies to touristy shops, from local eateries to big chains, museums to tour guides, the staff are better at making you feel happy to be there than in any other country.  Waiters in Paris and Rome would need hospital treatment if exposed to this level of service. (Oddly enough the main exception is Walmart cashiers – I say odd because in the UK, ASDA which is Walmart owned has some of the best staff I have had the pleasure to be served by. Not so in the USA.)

The tour guides especially have been excellent and I would recommend a tour of anything with a guide. Rock formations, a French 19th century hotel owner, heavy balls – they all become fascinating and exciting in the company of American tour guides.

Have you had any notable positive/negative service experiences?

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