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Cheyenne, major city  in Wyoming. Population 60,000 (allegedly) Historical downtown (city centre). Midday. People walking around apart from us = 7. How many people would be out and about in your town centre?

Caspar, Population 60,000 (allegedly) .Restaurants easy to find in historical downtown. One. People spotted whilst we walked around.  Three.

Evanston, population over 12,000 (allegedly). Sunday morning 10am. Cars travelling through downtown. One. People walking. Zero.

And so it goes. There were lots of people in Chicago. Take away store workers, the housebound and the carbound and I can reveal there are however no other Americans in America.

Have you seen an American on a public street? Were there signs of distress? Disorientation? Desperate yearning to be inside a tin box?  Please add your comments below for this important sociological study.

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