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Buford, Wyoming

Buford, Wyoming


Guy makes his own town. Cool! Unmissable photo opportunity if you are nearby. Ames Monument a couple of miles further up. Stand at foot of it and look away from it…..there’s a whole heap of nothing for a very long way. Sounds uninspiring but actually impressive.


This was a cool little stop to make! How often do you see a sign like this? The Ames Monument was also interesting. It was on a dusty road about 2 miles from the highway, sticking up in the middle of nowhere!


Bir kisilik koye kisa sureligine bizim katilimimizla nufus 4 kisi oldu:)   Otobana yaklasik 3 km mesafede, bombos bir arazinin ortasinda bir tabela ve market:) Markette aksimi aksi, asik suratli yasli  bir kadin. Koyun tek kisilik olmasi bu sartlarda hic sasirtici degil:)


Photos: Nick Pangere


Buford, Wyoming

Distance from Laramie: 23 miles

Driving time from Laramie: 22 minutes


The amazing little town of Buford has been around since 1866 and once had a population of 2,000. The population went down to just 1! Don Sammons was the last resident of Buford in 2007. He later sold the town online to Vietnamese bidders who renamed it PhinDeli Town Buford.



  • Stop off the highway and take a unique photo opportunity with the Buford sign.



  • Go into the old Buford Trading Post, now owned by Phin Deli, and try some imported Vietnamese coffee.
  • Take a side trip to the Ames Monument, a few miles west of Buford down I-80. A dirt road off the exit leads to a pyramid built in 1882 by Union Pacific Railroad. It was a monument dedicated to the Ames brothers, Oakes and Oliver. The town of Sherman once stood near the monument.
Ames Monument

Ames Monument


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