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Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City

  • Author: Nick
  • Date Posted: May 28, 2015
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  • Address: Denver, Colorado

Street party, free and varied live music. Fantastic. Crazily overpriced food all using a pre-paid voucher system. Not so much fun.

Street parking $2 for 2 hours in a major city? Bargain!

Pedestrianised precinct with free shuttle and high speed bicycle rickshaws? Gets my vote.

But it’s still a big city with skyscrapers, concrete and the need for a car, which as you’ll know by now is not my thing. Small and green places, I’m heading back to you…


I have to spend more time here. It’s a nice town, lots of entertainment and great food, but on the surface it doesn’t seem all that interesting. One day definitely isn’t enough. I feel like I’m missing something.


Yolculugumun ilk duragi Denver. Deniz seviyesinden 1600 metre yukarida olmak degisik bir duygu.



Photos: Nick Pangere 


Denver is the capital of Colorado and sits one mile above sea level. For this reason it’s nicknamed the Mile High City. It’s got lots of museums, great restaurants, and plenty of entertainment for all ages and tastes. There are also many day trip opportunities with the Rocky Mountains and several historic towns just minutes away.





  • The Buckhorn Exchange is Denver’s oldest steakhouse and one of the most unique dining experiences in town. Choose from wild game like elk and buffalo or have an amazing steak. Braver guests are encouraged to try Rocky Mountain oysters or fried alligator. Stuffed bears, deer, and other animals placed throughout the building add to the fun.
    Buckhorn Exchange

    Buckhorn Exchange

    Buckhorn 1

    Buckhorn Exchange

  • Las Margs has excellent Mexican food and Mexican beers on tap in addition to friendly service. You can’t go wrong with the many different types of street tacos and enchiladas on the menu. If you like a little extra spice, the guacamole has a nice kick to it.

    Las Margs

    Las Margs


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