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Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Fort Laramie National Historic Site




History really came alive for me here. I learned about Fort Laramie in high school but visiting the site made me understand its importance in American history. The 18 minute film at the visitor center is worth watching before exploring the grounds.


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Photos: Nick Pangere


Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Distance from Cheyenne: 104 miles

Driving time from Cheyenne: 1 hour, 37 minutes


Fort Laramie was one of the most important American military posts of the 19th century. It served as a trading post for fur traders and the local Native Americans, an outpost to protect pioneers heading west on the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails, and as a diplomatic center between the US Government and the Natives. The site is run by the National Park Service. Admission is free.


  • Stop into the visitor center to watch a very informative 18 minute film about the history of Fort Laramie.

    Fort Laramie 2

    Fort Laramie

  • The fort has several buildings that have been restored. Others are left in ruins. Visit the buildings that are still intact. Peer into the windows to see how soldiers and officers would have lived during their time at Fort Laramie.
    Fort Laramie 4

    Fort Laramie

    Fort Laramie 1

    Fort Laramie

  • The North Platte River Bridge sits before the fort’s entrance. It’s part of the park. Pull off the road and walk across this bridge, which was very important to Fort Laramie.
  • About 15 minutes west of Fort Laramie in the town of Guernsey are wagon ruts from the Oregon Trail. The wagons passed this site in exactly the same place, creating ruts up to a depth of 5 feet in the sandstone ridge.
Oregon Trail Ruts

Oregon Trail Ruts


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