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Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Fort Washakie, Wyoming


OK, hands up, who hasn’t heard of Sacajawea? I certainly hadn’t – and that’s what makes this such an interesting trip.

This graveyard had a lot of McLeods buried, plus graves adorned with favourite objects – such as a skateboard.



Seeing Sacajawea’s grave was a great experience, whether she truly is buried there or not. She was one of the most important women in American history and not enough credit is given to her. That was reason enough to make a stop in Fort Washakie.


Sacajawea Amerikan tarihinin onemli kizilderili bayan karakterlerinden.

Anit mezari bir cicek tarlasi gibi.

Gordugum en ilginc mezarlik, neden mi?

Mezarlarin kiminde kaykay var, kiminde sigara, koltuk, kanepe, incik, boncuk  ve  bir cogunda ise  bozuk para var.   Hatira birakmak isteyen birakiyor. Sanki bizim turbeler gibi. Dilek dilemek serbest.  Isteyenin bir yuzu kara:)


Photos: Nick Pangere


Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Distance from Riverton, Wyoming: 47 miles

Driving time from Riverton, Wyoming: 51 minutes


Fort Washakie is part of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The reservation is home to Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. Fort Washakie was named after Chief Washakie, the Shoshone chief who negotiated the reservation for his people.



  • Sacajawea, the guide for Lewis and Clark, is purportedly buried in a cemetery in Fort Washakie. Her grave is marked with a large tombstone. A memorial to her son, Baptiste Charbonneau, sits to the left. Her other son, Bazil, is buried to her right. A statue of Sacajawea sits at the rear of the cemetery. Interpretive panels about her journey and life accompany the statue.
    Sacajawea Grave

    Sacajawea’s Grave

    Sacajawea Statue

    Sacajawea Statue

  • Stop at the Wind River Trading Co. to purchase authentic Western and Native American art, jewelry, and other goods.
Wind River Trading Co.

Wind River Trading Co.


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