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Independence Rock State Historic Site

Independence Rock State Historic Site


Fairly easy to climb up, but you need trainers/sneakers/boots to climb back down. Travellers from 150 years ago carved their names. I quite like the idea that we could do so for future travellers to read, but it isn’t allowed (though hard to police).

If you made it here by Independence Day you had a reasonable chance of completing your journey west before the weather turned against you.

Nick mentions about gas – have cash – that was all the only garage wanted – even in the land of the credit card!



The views on top are fantastic. I don’t recommend climbing in flip flops! Also make sure you fill up your gas tank before making the drive out there! There’s literally nothing around for miles and miles.

The concept of allowing visitors to climb the rock is great, but I was extremely disappointed in the modern graffiti carved into it. On top of that, many of the actual carvings have faded away and aren’t nearly as impressive as the photos of the place.


Ucsuz bucaksiz bir arazinin ortasinda bir kaya diyeceksiniz ki ne alaka:)

Siradan bir kaya degil vahsi batinin tarihinde onemli bir yeri var. Oncu gocmenlerin durak noktasi.

Kayanin tepesinde isimlerin oldugu bir anit var.

Ben tirmanamadim, iniste kayip sakatlanmaktan korktugum icin.


Photos: Nick Pangere


Independence Rock State Historic Site

Distance from Casper: 48 miles

Driving time from Casper: 54 minutes


Independence Rock is a significant piece of Western history. This large rock is where pioneers on the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails stopped during their long journeys, many thousands carving their names into it.

Independence Rock

Name carved into Independence Rock


The rock is located at a rest area and is free of charge. Climbing the rock affords visitors great views of the surrounding area and a chance to seek out some of the original names carved into it.

There is no path to the top of the rock. Please be careful while climbing.




View from Independence Rock

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