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Ogallala, Nebraska

Ogallala, Nebraska

  • Author: Nick
  • Date Posted: Aug 20, 2015
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  • Address: Ogallala, Nebraska

8 miles out from Ogallala is Lake McConaughy and the Kingsley dam and across that is Martin Bay. Sandy and with warm water and you can park right down by the shore. Lovely. There is a visitor centre near the dam and I enjoyed the exhibits about irrigation.


I didn’t find it very interesting other than Boot Hill. Lake McConaughy was nice.


Photos: Nick Pangere


Ogallala, Nebraska

Distance from North Platte: 51 miles

Driving time from North Platte: 41 minutes


Ogallala is Nebraska’s cowboy capital, but where this old cowtown falls short on historical attractions it makes up for it with outdoor recreation.



  • Boot Hill was a cemetery for forgotten cowboys and others who met an untimely end during Ogallala’s Wild West days. Walk up the stairs to see their final resting place and the Trail Boss, a fantastic bronze statue of a cattle driver.
  • Stop into Front Street, grab a drink, eat a steak, and visit the museum. During the summer there’s shows and a shootout every night!
  • Extend your stay and spend some time on the artificial Lake McConaughy. There’s swimming, fishing, hunting, boating, and more. Check out the interactive visitor center while you’re at it.

Front Street


Boot Hill


Martin Bay at Lake McConaughy


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