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Socorro, New Mexico

Socorro, New Mexico

  • Author: Nick
  • Date Posted: Jun 8, 2015
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  • Address: Socorro, New Mexico

The town square with a piece of Jumbo (see below) is interesting. A 15 minute stop only.


Nice little town. It seems like they’re really pushing for tourism, but there wasn’t much of anything to be honest.



Photos: Nick Pangere


Socorro, New Mexico

Distance from Belén: 43 miles

Driving time from Belén: 36 minutes


Socorro has a rich history of over 400 years. It has humble beginnings as a Spanish mission town on the Santa Fe Trail.



  • Stop into the visitor center for a walking tour map and more info on what to do in the town.
  • The beautiful town plaza is surrounded by a few historic buildings. There is also a piece of Jumbo, a structure used in the world’s first nuclear explosion, which took place 35 miles southeast of Socorro on July 16, 1945.



  • The San Miguel Mission was founded in 1598. The current church was completed in 1821.

    San Miguel Mission

    San Miguel Mission

  • The Hammel Museum is located in the old Illinois Brewing Company building. Visitors can see the rooms used during the brewery’s operation. It’s open the first Saturday of each month or by appointment.


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