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My preliminary journey begins

My preliminary journey begins

By on Aug 24, 2015 in Blog |

In 30 minutes I will leave Somerset (UK) for London. It is pouring with rain. The taxi, coach, tube, rail journey to my overnight stay should take about 6 hours. I’m glad I have lighter luggage than when I flew into the UK but am aware that I still have way too much stuff. I’ve read some great blogs, such as Making It Anywhere, by people who travel a lot and all say the amount you lug goes down and down as you realise what you don’t need. I am yet to fully appreciate that realisation.  However I can already empathise with the idea that more stuff weighs you down mentally as much as it does physically.

Tomorrow morning is my flight to Chicago and my meet up with Nick. I haven’t seen him in over a year.

The big story on the news is the terrible crash at the Shoreham airshow, where a plane has crashed into a main road and at least 11 people have been killed. It’s the same road I drove along every week for the past 7 weeks. I am so sorry for all those involved but also take it as another sign that we have to grab life whenever we can. Today not tomorrow.


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