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Separation and Anticipation

Separation and Anticipation

By on Sep 5, 2015 in Blog |

It’s difficult enough to fall in love and be apart from that person. It’s even more difficult when you’ve planned a life-changing experience with them and they aren’t able to come along because of whatever issues. In the case of me and Marisol, she wasn’t granted a US visa which means we will be apart until the beginning of December. It’s rough.

Martin and Gönül have been apart roughly the same amount of time but they will be reunited late this evening when Gönül lands in Denver. It would be easy to get jealous of them because they will be able to experience the entire trip together while Marisol and I are limited to texts and Skype.

Instead of jealousy, Martin and Gönül’s story gives me motivation. The distance that has separated them has been painfully difficult but they’ve only got a few hours to go. They’ve endured similar issues with connectivity and being in different time zones, up to 9 hours difference! Hearing the excitement in their voices as they get closer to their reunion gives me hope and anticipation for seeing Marisol.

For me, the days are long and the nights longer. The trip is not the same without Marisol after spending every day the past 11 months with her. But every day brings me closer to seeing her again.


Nick and Marisol on Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

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