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The story of Tammy and Jonathan

The story of Tammy and Jonathan

By on Sep 9, 2015 in Blog | 2 comments

Travelling is great. You get to see so many different landscapes, manmade oddities and even more weird things that nature has come up with. But the best thing about going to places outside of your everyday world is that you get to meet different people.  You get to realise that people are good, kind and helpful. Not all of them of course, just as not everybody is out to rob, shoot and rip you off as most of the media we consume would have us believe. We are taught not to talk to strangers, and to avoid contact with those that are not like us.

I’ve spent the first 3 days of our trip of a lifetime walking up to strangers, saying hello, telling them my name and then asking them something or paying a compliment. A conversation strikes up and I ask permission to take a photo. So far every single person has happily agreed. And they have all been interesting and friendly.




There is an amphitheatre that is high up in the mountains that overlook Boulder. It seems a pretty magical place and was made even more so the day I discovered it by the ethereal sound of an acoustic guitar gently strummed. Jonathan was perched at the edge of the cliff, taking in all the beauty that surrounded him and reflecting some of it back in his music.






Tammy overlooking BoulderListening to him was his friend Tammy. I asked if I could take Jonathan’s photo and he was cool with that. I asked Tammy and she was super excited. We shook hands and laughed at the joy in the world from simple pleasures.






People tell me how beautiful this city is and that city is, but for me there’s no comparison with that which Mother Nature provides, especially when augmented by lovely folks like Tammy and Jonathan.


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