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The story of young Toni and Charles

The story of young Toni and Charles

By on Sep 10, 2015 in Blog | 3 comments

Travelling is great. You get to see so many different landscapes, manmade oddities and even more weird things that nature has come up with. But the best thing about going to places outside of your everyday world is that you get to meet different people.  You get to realise that people are good, kind and helpful. Not all of them of course, just as not everybody is out to rob, shoot and rip you off as most of the media we consume would have us believe. We are taught not to talk to strangers, and to avoid contact with those that are not like us.

I’ve spent the first 3 days of our trip of a lifetime walking up to strangers, saying hello, telling them my name and then asking them something or paying a compliment. A conversation strikes up and I ask permission to take a photo. So far every single person has happily agreed. And they have all been interesting and friendly.

At the Lincoln County Historical Museum two folks were tending the garden. They were weeding, planting and watering a sizeable area and doing a great job of it. It was 100F degrees (39C) and I was glad it wasn’t my job. I asked the lady about the plants and we got talking. Toni, like all the other staff we met is a volunteer. She belongs to a gardening club who operate a rota system of volunteers to tend the grounds. Her husband Charles was also there, fixing some equipment.

He confessed they were a little late that morning as he had had to run a neighbour to the doctors. Toni joked that he was slowing down, and like a little old man. Why he couldn’t even keep up with her dancing speed. Charles looked in a mocked disapproving glance and muttered that he was a little old man but Toni told him “nonsense, that’s only true if you think like that. It’ll be a long time before we get old.” Watching them work in the searing heat, I couldn’t imagine anyone who was old doing what they were doing. Charles told me that he probably hadn’t worked this hard all his life on account of the fact that he was a supervisor in his old job, so he just told other people what to do!



I had my picture taken with them

Toni and Charles, N.Platte

Toni, 82, Charles, 86 (retired after 43 years with Union Pacific Railroads)

The Lincoln County Historical Museum is a fascinating place to visit, made even more so by the wonderful volunteer staff.



Take an hour to walk around the museum and the grounds and make sure to take some time to chat to the folks who are working there. You will be enriched by the experience in so many different ways.



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