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Voted the best post in the world

Voted the best post in the world

By on Nov 5, 2015 in Blog | 4 comments

This post has been voted the best post in the world. I am thrilled and have had many banners proclaiming this.

When we were in Las Vegas there were many shows to see and it wasn’t easy to decide which ones to go to. Seeing the best seemed like the best idea. But which ones were the best? Luckily the posters informed us. Criss Angel “voted No.1 show in Vegas”. We would go to the number one show – start with the best! But wait…. Cirque du Soleil “voted No.1 show in Vegas” – hmmm – two number one shows. I guess we could see both.

Of course this continued, and when we saw “voted no.1 show in Vegas” on the poster for Britney Spears, consumate live mimer, it confirmed just how meaningful “voted best” really meant.

Nevertheless this particular accolade is everywhere we go in America. “Voted best New Mexico chile paste in the world” is proudly printed on the label of every bottle of one sauce. “In the world” or “world’s best” is another claim we see again and again. “The best ice-cream in the world” is sold in Valparaiso, Indiana. I’m sure the Italians would have something to say about that – and I’d be right with them! And where else in the world can you make New Mexico chile paste, other than in New Mexico??  We’ve just seen the climax of the World Series (a baseball competition between one part of the United States and another part of the United States). Being number one in the world is a big thing here.

The amusing part about these claims is where you see them and what they pertain to. “The world’s biggest cowboy made of lego” – just how much competition must that piece of art have, and how do you go about establishing the accuracy of such a claim?

Have you seen any “world’s best” or “world’s biggest/fastest/no.1” claims that have made you chuckle? Please comment below and share with us. We’ll also add more as and when we see them  🙂

Voted best

It was when in old town Albuquerque that I saw this sign that I decided to write this post, because it was good to see that at least some of the locals share the same outlook as me!




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