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What we are hoping to achieve from this journey

What we are hoping to achieve from this journey

By on May 10, 2015 in Blog | 3 comments

What we are hoping to achieve from this journey.

Lo qué esperamos lograr con éste viaje.


For me this journey is about exploring boundaries.  Of course there are the physical boundaries of mountain and lake; the contrasts of city and wilderness…but there are also the aspects of personal boundaries.  To take four people who don’t all know each other and place them in a moving metal box for three months… how will the dynamics evolve? Four different age groups. Four different continents of origin. Four different religions.

What lies before us and how will sharing it with our world in turn shape our own world?


I live to explore! I’ve visited many countries but one place I haven’t explored enough is my own birth country. I’m excited to see places I’ve learned about in history classes, incredible areas of natural beauty, and some great American cities and towns.

The preparation hasn’t been easy. We’ve worked countless hours and several months researching and mapping, routing and re-routing, to give us the best possible perspective of the areas we will visit. Can we complete the journey as planned? It would give a great sense of accomplishment to do so.

Most of all, I’m curious to see how the four of us will cope being together 24/7. What kind of detours and roadblocks will we face as a group, and how will we triumph?




Cuando te sales de los parámetros normales, de tu cotidianidad, y te das la oportunidad de viajar, conocer, y aprender de nuevos lugares, nuevas culturas y estilos de vida, indudablemente estás adquiriendo una experiencia de vida invaluable.

Por otro lado creo que es realmente gratificante el poder llegar a cada uno de esos rincones que alguna vez imaginaste conquistar y que gracias a la organización y el trabajo arduo y en equipo de las personas quienes participamos en esta vivencia se puede lograr.

Pienso que es un “reto” el cual hay que asumir con gran convicción y compromiso para salir victoriosos en éste proyecto, pues el simple hecho de convivir con otras personas durante muchos días y enfrentando cualquier tipo de adversidad es un objetivo claro y muy valioso.



  1. Wonderful thoughts.
    I hope you all find what you’re setting out for.
    Good luck!
    Iyi sanslar!

  2. Hope to see you in the fall!

  3. Thanks Dorota, it will indeed be interesting to see what we find.
    Kathy, we’re banking on one of the things we find is you both at home 🙂

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